Christmas Table

Christmas Winter Table

My Christmas Table of 2013!! I was able to spend a lot more time at home this Christmas, so as planned I was able to set up my festive table!

I was quite inspired by Cox and Cox Christmas Table using natural elements with little greenery, which also created that wintry feel.

Image from Cox and Cox

Image from Cox and Cox

This table set up works best with a natural table so you wouldn’t need to bother with table cloths! I added a handmade table runner made from hessian to create an extra texture. Choosing pure white candles, reflected snow and coldness of winter, I combined it with large natural pine cones and small ones, you can pretty much find small pine cones during September/October months outdoors when they have just fallen. Make sure you dry these out properly as dampness or moisture will make them close up! The tea light logs created the elements of rustic but also extra lighting. Mercury silver tea lights and white LED lights added that extra silver glittering sparkle to finish the centrepiece.

Stationery: DIY Christmas crackers are great! You can choose your own prize and whatever gift you would like to put in. The DIY starter set I bought was excellent, it was for 6 crackers which included the hat and motto for each. I assembled these together and put a small Lindt chocolate bear within each cracker. I decorated it simply with Christmas snowflake washi tape. Place names were written on matching card as the crackers, these were tied to mercury silver baubles.

For each place setting I used crystal glasses which captured the flames of the tea lights in the centrepiece.