Moroccan Styling

A few pictures taken during the set up of the Orangery, Moroccan theming. Creating Moroccan Styling with a sheer red and orange backdrop, with red spotlights, Fret works tables, Moroccan lamps and hundreds of Moroccan tea lights, low level seating, rugs, pouffes, palm trees, free standing lamps, lots of silk throws and cushions. For something special and unique, cosy and comfortable, perfect for a evening party!

DIY project- Back drop created with red and orange heavy fabric with a top layer of sheer red organza. Simple coloured Moroccan shades were dyed in orange and red, Low level seating with padded seating created with Moroccan coloured throws and wadding, the gathered sections at the front to make it look luxurious and to add texture, own made tassels were sewn to cushions to create that Moroccan feel.

Liz xx